Gone are text heavy posts - it's ALL about the image.

Beautiful, professional-looking images flood my Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest feeds each day - who am I kidding I check them minutely [yes I made that word up because hourly just didn't cut it].  They are not all professional photographers, graphic designers or outsource every post to a social media manager - well they might, but you don’t have to.

I’ve created a 3 step Content Creation Chart to help you create engaging and shareable content for your social media platforms!

When you have an important message for share, maximize its exposure and gain the results you desire.

To find out more about the apps I mention in the Chart & get the links to download [on iPhone] – keep reading.


The options are endless when it comes to editing your images.
Make your images more visually appealing. Try my faves:
You'll love this app - try the ‘clarity’ setting & play with “The Lab’.

Adjust exposure, contrast, temperature ect - makes your whites whiter, and your colours brighter!

Make collages of multiple images to tell your story.

2. DOES YOUR IMAGE [not just your caption] CARRY YOUR MESSAGE?
Not only does an image need to look the part, it's also important that it reflects and carries your message too. As an image is shared, it can become detached from its original caption - which gave the image context, and informed the reader of your very important point.  Having your text within your image helps grab people’s attention and spark their interest - in an instant.  This is great for quotes too!
Overlay text on images. Try my faves:
Choose your own image or choose from a variety of backgrounds & work your way through the seemingly endless typography options. This app will change your life. Sounds extreme but honestly it changed mine. It's like a designer is IN your phone.

A great app when you want to have more control over the font, size & colour.

Add your own text or choose from templated phases & doodles! Go nuts.

Some images should be branded before they are sent out into the world.  The images that took you hours to create, edit & perfect,  the images that shout your message from the rooftops - should lead people back to your website/blog or social media profiles.
Include your domain name &/or logo at the bottom of your image. Or include your Instagram handle.  Try:
Create your watermark with your website, blog or social media handles – even include your logo – on your phone.

The control offered by this app lets you resize & place text wherever you choose.

Now you've got the tools to start creating engaging and shareable content!
Download my Content Creation Chart and let it help you plan your next post onto your social media platforms.
I'd love to see your creations - tag me @theartof_social & hashtag #theartofsocial.
If you have a question about social media or looking for tips to create a better online presence, let me know in the comments below or via my contact page and I'll include it in an upcoming blog post.